IP Strategy Review - May 2021

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June 4, 2021
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IP Strategy is the crossroads between technology, IP law, and business strategy. We've searched the internet for interesting stories and articles that help you understand and implement IP strategy in your business. Check it out!

As Technologies Converge…

An outlook on how IP Strategy can help capture value with the convergence of information technology (IT), operations technology (OT), engineering technology(ET), and game technology (GT)

The four layers of convergence of OT, IT, GT and ET will be the drivers of the intelligent enterprise ecosystem in the future.

These fundamental changes make the dialogue on an enterprise’s intellectual property strategy even more critical for not only profitability but for survival. While technology singularity may still be in the distant future, technology convergence will surely give rise to computable environments and extend the internet functionality beyond its current form to sharing even experiences remotely at the edge.

Intelligent Enterprises and the Importance of Intellectual Property 

- Pravin Hungund, Chief Technologist and Global Head Technovation Centre, CTO, Wipro Limited

Amazon Acquires New IP…

Amazon's plans to expand its IP portfolio for Amazon Prime by acquiring MGM Studios for $8.45 billion; but the media industry isn't very excited

"The acquisition's thesis here is really very simple. MGM has a vast, deep catalog of much-beloved intellectual property, and with the talented people at MGM and the talented people at Amazon Studios, we can reimagine and develop that IP for the 21st century."
-Jeff Bezos

The Next Chapter of the Streaming Wars: Media Merger Mania

- John Engle

IP Strategy Checklist…

A simplified checklist for starting an IP Strategy

Good ideas can be worth pure gold, which is why successful products are often copied. It is therefore all the more important to integrate how you handle your intellectual property into your company’s strategy.

IP Strategy Checklist

- Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property

Public Innovation Strategy…

Handling ownership of Intellectual Property (IP) Rights helps to avoid a major obstacle to collaboration with industry and community in a public innovation strategy

There is a key stumbling block when it comes to collaboration: Intellectual Property (IP) rights. This slows collaboration down or can even stop it in its tracks when two parties can’t agree on how to split the IP. The government has a crucial role here as it often requires that government departments retail the IP when it comes to public-private collaboration. In the new strategy, there must be a system on how IP is shared and structured to streamline these conversations and ensure all innovation makes it to market.

What should the government’s new innovation strategy look like?

- Open Access Government

SMEs Protect their Brands…

Intellectual Property (IP) helped Micro, Small, & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) protect their brands better through the pandemic

IP stands as a protective guard to the activities in the e-commerce arena… As such, IP protection must be at the forefront of MSME business strategies more than ever

MSMEs that used IP for branding strategy fared better during pandemic

- Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL)

Shifting Technology…

IP Strategies in the automotive industry will shift to account for changes in technology development towards artificial intelligence (AI) and aggregated deployments

Patenting strategies of technical details of autonomous driving will be similar to the patenting strategies of IT and telecommunication companies, so that internal decision-making processes and the evaluation of innovation and know-how will get closer to the strategies known by the IT and telecommunication companies.

How Cutting-Edge Technology is Changing IP Law

- Nils T F Schmid

IP Strategy and Execution…

Strategic Intellectual Property (IP) protection takes a more central role next to execution strategy in the eyes of investors

IP has played a meaningful role along with the execution capability of successful entrepreneurs, especially for those who are looking to address global markets.
Increasingly, as the world gets more global and competitive, it is becoming imperative that startups think about their sustainable differentiation (ie IP) very strategically, and at the onset of starting their companies.

Building for the world: Understanding the role of IP for startups

- Mohanjit Jolly

3D Printing Tools…

Use of a Joint Industry Project (JIP) contract allows the rapid production of 3-D printed spare parts while ensuring that intellectual property is protected

With the fourth industrial revolution currently reaching the manufacturing industry, a whole new discussion on IP rights is taking place. Digitalisation does not only involve copyright, it also involves patents and designs, which have in the past generally not been part of similar discussions.

Breakthrough in Norway to preserve intellectual property when 3D printing

- Andrew Cox

IP Strategy Objectives…

Intellectual Property (IP) protection helps with:

  1. Occupying market share
  2. Focusing on core areas of business growth
  3. Identifying assets
  4. Identifying target markets
When an IP is legally protected, organizations can focus on core areas of their business, such as finding means to monetize such IP and developing them into consistent revenue sources.

4 Reasons Why IP Protection Is Critical To Business Growth

- Tarun Kumar Bansal, President, Sagacious IP

Amendments to the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act…

Amendments authored by Senator Romney:

  1. U.S. Grand Strategy with Respect to China
  2. Report on Chinese Propaganda Efforts
  3. Directing Negotiations of a Free Trade Agreement with Taiwan
  4. Joint-Action Against IP Theft with Allies
  5. Sanctions on Chinese Officials who Retaliated Against COVID-19 Whistleblowers
  6. Report on Domestic Processing of Rare Earth Minerals
  7. Require DHS Preclearance in Taiwan Airport
"It is becoming increasingly urgent that we develop a comprehensive strategy to counter the China threat, which has grown during the COVID pandemic as the Chinese Communist Party exerts its political leverage over other countries,”
- Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT)

Sen. Romney offers measures to counter China

- Utah Policy

A "Horizon Strategy" for FFRDCs…

MITRE, who operates federally funded research and development centers (FFRDCs), calls for a "Horizon Strategy" that includes a more robust approach to Intellectual property

China is pursuing “a comprehensive strategy to have Chinese-origin technologies be the foundation for global technology platforms and reduce its dependence on foreign intellectual property (IP) and standards,” and more forward-leaning and leadership is needed from the United States and other technologically advanced partners in response.

A “Horizon Strategy” Framework for Science and Technology Policy


Palm Pilot: A Business Strategy Case Study…

Palm Pilot successfully crossed the "chasm" of technology adoption, when competing products could not, because they designed for:

  • Portability
  • Higher Impact
  • Ease of Use
  • Compatibility
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Re-Invention
A company would fail to build a great product whenever it tries to solve too many problems at once. Moreover, time, resources, and money are all crucial constraints. So, the best way is to identify and focus on a section of critical needs that could offer significant value to a customer. Break the needs, categorize them based on the pain, frequency, number of users who have that, and rank them. Establish priorities.

The PALM PILOT Story — Crossing The Chasm & Business Strategy Lessons

- Shah Mohammed

Jeff Holman
Jeff Holman draws from a broad background that spans law, engineering, and business. He is driven to deploy strategic business initiatives that create enterprise value and establish operational efficiencies.

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