We are your legal partner to help you navigate the risks and opportunities of your growing startup.

We work with startups of all sizes — from ideas to growth-stage VC-backed companies. Our legal team can help you navigate startup challenges and opportunities like Technology R&D, Funding, Ventures, and Transactions.
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Our outsourced approach as your contracted "general counsel" provides a balanced blend of legal expertise and resource allocation.

As experienced general counsel for technology ventures, we understand the scope of demands placed on an executive team.
Here are a few of the areas we can help you navigate:
Identifying Risks. Every business is exposed to a variety of risks from competitors, market economics, investment opportunities, suppliers, customers, and even internal team dynamics.
Implementing Best Practices. Our experience gives us insight to the go-to strategies that a company like yours should have in place.
Negotiation on Deals & Transactions. Use our guidance as an extra perspective to help you achieve what matters most in your business.
Confidentiality. Feel safe discussing sensitive topics and options for resolution without fear of a “leak” or increasing exposure to damages.

Our experienced team becomes an extension of your team.

Dedicated Point of Contact: You’ll have a dedicated attorney in our practice who will be your primary contact. They will take primary responsibility for fulfillment of all legal services.
Expanded Team: As needed, you’ll have access to a variety of legal services from our entire legal team of IP and corporate attorneys and staff.
Expert Strategy: Having an extra perspective can make all the difference. Our entire team is available to strategize and answer questions as you hit new milestones in your business.

Ready to work together?

Working with attorneys doesn’t have to be a hassle. We’ve made the process streamlined and transparent. We’re excited to show you the difference.
Strategy Call
Book a free strategy call to discuss your business model, opportunities, challenges, goals, and strategy.
Legal Roadmap™
We deliver a recommended engagement timeline, cost structure, and Scope of Work.
We meet periodically to strategically set priorities, deadlines, and action items.
"Yeah the team is knowledgeable in the legal world, but their knowledge and understanding of the business world blew me away. They gave me strategic recommendations."
Shane Kofoed
Founder | Standard Behavior
"Jeff and his team are down to earth. When they send over their ideas and insights they do it in a way that my management team and stakeholders can understand!"
Beth Lebowitz
Consultant | Nimbus legal

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