Integrated Legal Counsel™ is your Solution for Cost-Effective Access to a Team of Legal Experts

Our Integrated Legal Counsel™ approach allows you to have access to outsourced General Counsel services and multi-disciplinary experts at a fraction of the typical costs for hiring your own in-house attorney.
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Instead of operating reactively, our Integrated Legal Counsel™ engagements allow you to be proactive.

Typical legal services are reactive to your needs. The normal way most attorneys are engaged is after the business team identifies a need or problem. By merely reacting to issues, businesses often incur unnecessary and unplanned costs and delays.
Your E-Commerce brand eventually grows into a business, and you realize you need an experienced team around you. We give you an efficient option for legal expertise to help out across your business--sourcing agreements, intellectual property, trademark enforcement, utility and design patents, employees, and especially organizing all your corporate information so you can deal with investors, debt financing, and potential acquisitions or spinouts in the near future.
When growth stage tech companies expand into real business opportunities and various market verticals, the stakes of running the business and managing customer relationships grow, too. The right mix of legal expertise is critical to navigate the rough waters inside and outside your business.
Disruptive startups and teams continually operating on the edge of chaos, which creates massive exposure to risks and issues that could stifle your progress. Our team has managed these risks and issues in the past for many other clients. We help you look ahead and clear the path for your growth.
Founders and inventors need to get from bootstrapped to funding as fast and efficiently as possible. Whether you’re seeking sales revenue or equity funding, you need someone who’s “been there” to help you set a solid foundation as you build out your technology and market.
In addition to our experience at premier outside law firms, collectively we have spent decades employed in critical in-house roles including general counsel, patent counsel, chief legal officer, and corporate secretary for technology R&D and commercialization companies.

We've helped companies raise hundreds of millions of dollars,
access millions in government contracts and grants, optimize extensive patent and trademark portfolios, take responsibility for investment and investor management and board governance, and support various other business functions across several companies.

Our experienced team becomes an extension of your team.

Dedicated Point of Contact: You’ll have a dedicated attorney in our practice who will be your primary contact. They will take primary responsibility for fulfillment of all legal services.
Expanded Team: As needed, you’ll have access to a variety of legal services from our entire legal team of IP and corporate attorneys and staff.
Expert Strategy: Having an extra perspective can make all the difference. Our entire team is available to strategize and answer questions as you hit new milestones in your business.

What levels of service are available?

Just like different companies have different business objectives and strategies, you can choose to engage our team at the level that fits your current needs:
Legal Document Library (templates, forms, guides, etc.)
Unlimited Phone Consultations
Preliminary Document Review
Quarterly Discovery Audit
Quarterly Legal Roadmap™
Progress Reporting
All TEAM Access
IP Portfolio Management
Legal Roadmap™ Services Monthly Payment Plan
Ad-hoc Legal Services Discounts
Enhanced Progress Report
general counsel
All VENTURE Access
Regular On-Site Availability
Entity Governance
Investor Relations Management
Cap Table Administration

Ready to work together?

Working with attorneys doesn’t have to be a hassle. We’ve made the process streamlined and transparent. We’re excited to show you the difference.
Strategy Call
Book a free strategy call to discuss your business model, opportunities, challenges, goals, and strategy.
Legal Roadmap™
We deliver a recommended engagement timeline, cost structure, and Scope of Work.
We meet periodically to strategically set priorities, deadlines, and action items.
"Yeah the team is knowledgeable in the legal world, but their knowledge and understanding of the business world blew me away. They gave me strategic recommendations."
Shane Kofoed
Founder | Standard Behavior
"Jeff and his team are down to earth. When they send over their ideas and insights they do it in a way that my management team and stakeholders can understand!"
Beth Lebowitz
Consultant | Nimbus legal

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