What is VentureSALT?

VentureSALT™ is a new approach to legal services for startup ventures.

As entrepreneurial attorneys, we saw a need for our clients to have better access to legal services customized to their rapidly-evolving businesses, revenue models, target markets, and strategic plans.

Our attorneys form a Strategic Advisory Legal Team (SALT) for startups who are serious about moving quickly, acting strategically, and managing risks in the adventure of creating something new.

Our Investments

We invest our legal expertise and our knowledge across a variety of deals and deal structures with innovators and early-stage companies who are strategically positioned for growth in next-generation markets.

Our partnerships allow portfolio companies to focus valuable resource allocation on critical technology and market validation.
How We Do It

We Thrive on Strategy

trademark versus patent

We apply sound principles of strategy to our business and your business alike. We create better client experiences and outcomes because we know how to apply business strategy from a legal perspective.

Every Business Strategy includes:

A Plan
To deploy resources
In alignment with business objectives
For a sustainable advantage
In a competitive environment
Strategic Advisory Legal Team

Our Experts Fuel Your Success

Our team focuses exclusively on startups and venture-backed companies. We know the struggles you face with big goals and limited resources. We can help you navigate the path forward with expertise and efficiency.

We build a Strategic Advisory Legal Team (SALT) customized for you, your team, and your business.
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