Matching your legal strategy to key product development milestones. (A conversation with Steven Selikoff)

Get instant access to a discussion and the product development roadmap with key legal milestones.

Starting a startup and launching a product is like spinning a bunch of plates…

Anyone who’s been through the process knows it can be a scramble to keep everyone happy, get it all done, and do it all right… 

Especially when you add the extra layer of doing all of that for a PHYSICAL product. You have to balance timelines, prototypes, store listing, and more and this is an area where it definitely pays to follow a roadmap from someone who’s been there and done that. 

And Steven Selikoff is that guy. He LITERALLY wrote the book on product design, development, manufacturing, and sales. 

We had the chance to sit down and chat about his product development roadmap and how you’ll want to think about your LEGAL strategy as it relates to your product development strategy.
Enter your name and email and receive instant access to the entire discussion AND the downloadable product roadmap—it’s especially helpful to talk about the milestones to watch out for and when they fit into the overall design timeline.
"Yeah the team is knowledgeable in the legal world, but their knowledge and understanding of the business world blew me away. They gave me strategic recommendations."
Shane Kofoed
Founder | Standard Behavior
"Jeff and his team are down to earth. When they send over their ideas and insights they do it in a way that my management team and stakeholders can understand!"
Beth Lebowitz
Consultant | Nimbus legal

Access the discussion with Steven Selikoff and the product development roadmap here:

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