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Patents - Legal Q&A Virtual Meetup Series with Jeff Holman for Technology Ventures & Startups

Jeff Holman hosts a Q&A series focused on ways to get started with the initial stages of the patent process.
September 22, 2020
Intellectual Strategies Webinar Series (Virtual)

Join Jeff Holman, a registered patent attorney who has been helping inventors, innovators, and technology startups for almost 20 years to build robust patent portfolios from their first patent filing to large, multi-faceted portfolios. This Q&A series focuses on ways to get started with the initial stages of the patent process.

Bring your questions about how to start the patent process. This series is for inventors, innovators, and technology startups who want to protect their ideas with the patent process while working to bring their ideas to life through development of your technology and validation of your market commercialization opportunities. Join once or all of the series.

Come prepared ask your questions about:

- Types of patents
- When to file a patent, and when not to file a patent
- Who can file a patent
- How are patent rules similar or different within other countries
- Is assignment of ownership important
- Efficient ways to proceed with patents while controlling costs
- and more

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